The Fishery is a guide to our handpicked fishing locations along the  Salmon River, located in Stanley, Idaho. Decorated with some of the most pristine views in the nation, the Salmon River is indeed one of Idaho’s most incredible treasures. As a free-flowing, freestone river with Galena Peak as its source and one of the remaining few un-dammed rivers in North America, our fisheries are perfect for best fishing experience you can imagine.

The Headwaters

The Headwaters is a very environmentally sensitive section of water and is only floated at high flows to protect the ecosystem.  Spawning salmon, steelhead, and various nesting birds can be found throughout.  With breathtaking scenery of The White Cloud and Sawtooth Mountains, the Headwaters is a spectacular sight to see. 

Buckhorn Bridge to Salmon River Bridge

This section can be floated or hiked depending on the river depth and time of year.  Very popular among expert steelhead and salmon fishermen, its consistent class II rapids can make it difficult to fish from a boat. But, if you have the skill, there is ample opportunity to come home with some high-quality fish and some great stories.

Salmon River Bridge to Mormon Bend

With impressive views of The Sawtooth Mountains, Salmon River Bridge to Mormon Bend is a popular area to raft, kayak, SUP and of course, fly fish.  Access is easy from Hwy 75. The river flows through Stanley, Idaho passing several campsites and hot springs along the way.

Yankee Fork to Torreys Hole

This 10-mile section is our most popular fly fishing destination. Calm runs with large boulders are separated by class II and III rapids.  The rapids do limit wading access, but float fishing from drift boats and rafts make for an unforgettable experience.  A 200-foot canyon, various hot springs, fishy undercut banks are in store in this section, making it a destination worth checking out. 

Mormon Bend to Yankee Fork

The river goes through a dramatic change after you leave Mormon Bend. The slow and meandering twists and turns transform into vast pools with large granite boulders and several Class IV rapids.  Road access to this section is good with many pullouts. Yankee Fork Creek and The Salmon River converge here providing more structure, a larger volume of water, and as a result larger fish. You’ll find excellent fly fishing throughout this challenging section. 


Fly fishing from a boat will allow you to access miles of water that you could never cover, even if you ran a marathon in your waders! Simply put; more miles covered equals more fish you get to take home. Expertly handled by one of our guides, each one of our vessels is highly specialized for the ever-changing river conditions, water levels, as well as unique challenges that you’ll find on fly fishing on the Salmon River.

The Free Stone

Hands down, the best fly fishing boat on the water both here in Stanley, and anywhere else in the world! This raft-drift boat hybrid light, smooth, and is well equipped to handle anything that The Salmon throws at it.

Buckhorn Bridge to Salmon River Bridge

A handmade classic, this gem is the brainchild of the owners of Headwater Fly Fishing and built specifically for traversing The Salmon River. A perfect blend of style, class, and function; this boat is a dream come true.

The Workhorse

The do-it-all utility boat, The Workhorse is the most versatile in our fleet. Specifically designed tackle rough water, this boat has casting platforms in the front and rear, as well as swivel seats to ensure you’re always in place to get the day’s best catch. This boat truly lives up to its name.